Here’s answers to some of our frequently asked questions

1) Do you have to fish all 3 heats? No. You can fish one, two or all three heats. Whatever you and your child are up for.

2) Do you have to be present to win in the free kids raffle? Yes, you must be present to win.

3) Can we exchange the items we receive in the raffle for a different item? No. We have too many children at the event to allow prize exchanges. Kids are welcome to trade amongst themselves or donate their winnings to Santa’s Angels. Please, do not ask to exchange your prize – it delays the raffle for everyone.

4) I have a child that is over 16 that would like to fish. Are they allowed? Yes, we welcome all children but trophies are only for those 3-16 years old.

5) Is the Jingle Bell free to enter? Yes. We just ask for a toy donation and a non-perishable food donation.

6) Do you supply bait? Yes. BAITMASTERS/Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait is donating bait to the event.

7) Can we use our own bait? Yes. You can buy bait from Don’s Dock or Hubbard’s Marina.

8) Are sabiki’s allowed? No.