Membership Policy

Membership is active a full 12 months after payment is received.
Membership is recurring and members are set up on an automatic payment plan.
The automatic payment can be canceled at any time. Members can log onto their account to cancel the automatic payment.
If automatic payment is canceled or if member’s credit card on file has expired, the member must re-sign up after 12 months in order to keep their membership active.
Membership rates are $95 plus tax for members 16 and older. Membership for 15 and younger is free.
If a member is automatically charged for membership and they choose to cancel after payment has been made, they must notify Angler Armory Inc in writing within 2 weeks of automatic payment.

By registering as an Angler Armory member, the member consents for use, without payment or restrictions, of any photographs and/or video, and his/her name, in which the member, their crew and/or boat appears including but not limited to any promotions, publications, social media posts by Angler Armory Inc and it’s sponsors.

Angler Armory Inc. is a private club that can deny a membership without cause.
If at any time during the course of a tournament or event that is hosted, sponsored or part of Angler Armory’s Fish What You Wish Contest that a team or team member is found guilty of cheating by the Tournament Director. Tournament Committee or other official tournament authority, the team will automatically be disqualified from being an Angler Armory Member for life.
If a member is disqualified from membership they will not receive a full or pro-rated refund.

Under no circumstances will Angler Armory Inc ever share your name or personal information with any other company or sponsor.


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