WINNER – $9800

Captain Ed Walker


*Entry Fee: $100 per tournament – MUST BE AN ANGLER ARMORY MEMBER to participate.
CLICK HERE to sign up for membership
*Current Eligible Tournaments:
Wild West Kingfish Tournament Series
*Eligible Species: Cobia, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish
*Must catch 3 out of the 4 species. Teams can pick which 3. No duplicate  species allowed, meaning you can’t catch 2 tunas and a wahoo and be eligible to win
*No minimum weight on tuna or wahoo. Cobia has to be legal size limit.  Kingfish has to be minimum 35lbs
*Teams can weigh the same kingfish that they are weighing in overall  tournament for this contest
*Teams have to be signed up for the Wild West events in order to sign up for the Yellowfin Round Up
* This a rollover TWT. If no one wins the contest, the prize money will rollover to the next eligible tournament. Participants must pay a $100 entry at each individual tournament in order to participate.