2021 Fish What You Wish Rules & Payouts

It is the responsibility of each Angler Armory Member to understand and abide by the rules listed below:

These rules will remain in effect during the 2021 Fish What You Wish Contest time period. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Contest Committee. In the event of a rule violation the Contest Committee may impose such sanctions as they deem appropriate, including, without limitation, disqualifications, forfeiture of prizes and prohibition from participation in subsequent contests. By competing in the Fish What You Wish Contest, all competitors agree that decisions of the Contest Committee are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal, and are not reviewable by any court of law. The Contest Committee can make changes to the stated rules at any time. By participating in the Fish What You Wish Contest you agree to the previous statements, to sign a written release form and to obey the rules stated below, or face expulsion without refund or compensation of any kind.


This is a free contest open to Angler Armory Members only. To become a member CLICK HERE to sign up


  1. Only one registration form per team needs to be filled out for 2021.
  2. If a team decides to fish in an additional zone after the original registration form is sent in, they will need to fill out a new registration form indicating the additional zone they plan to fish.
  3. Every member of the team that angles, gaffs or participates catching the fish in any way must be an Angler Armory Member in order to participate in Fish What You Wish
  4. Angler Armory Members can register at any time throughout the season up until the final tournament in the zone/s they are registering for.
  5. The Captain listed on the Fish What You Wish Registration Form has the ultimate rights over points earned over the course of the season. Points earned stay with the Captain in the event other team members change to a different team. If the Captain leaves team and chooses to fish with a new team, the points stay with the Captain.
  6. Team members have the option to switch teams and fish under a new Fish What You Wish registration form
    Paul fishes with Team “A” in most king mackerel tournaments
    Paul wants to fish his own boat with his family for a specific tournament under the name Team “B”
    Paul can fill out a registration form for Team “B” and count his points for that specific tournament under his own team name.
  7. If the Captain listed on the Fish What You Wish Registration form is not able to fish a tournament, his/her team may fish the tournament under the registered Team Name and receive points for that tournament for the Team.
  8. Team must obey each individual tournament’s rules and adhere to their boundaries
  9. A new Fish What You Wish Registration Form must be filled out at the beginning of each calendar year.


  1. The Fish What You Wish Contest is a 2 fish aggregate contest
  2. Only one fish per tournament can be entered into contest
  3. If two tournaments occur on the same day and the same fish can be entered into both tournaments, your weight can only count once.
    Example: Team fishes both Tournament A and Tournament B on the same day and weighs in a 35.00lb kingfish that is allowed to count in both events, that team’s fish will only count for Tournament A.
  4. Contestants may fish as many of the eligible tournaments as they wish. The heaviest 2 fish aggregate weighed in during the contest wins
  5. The only eligible species for this contest is kingfish
  6. Contestants are required to turn in a copy of the weigh slip no later than 5 days after their qualifying tournament ends. Weigh slips can be emailed to anglerarmory@gmail.com or texted to 727-286-0977. A picture of the team at the scales with their fish will not be accepted.
  7. Any ties in the aggregate contest will be broken by the largest fish of the two that count towards the boat’s points. In the event of identical big fish weights, the size of the second largest fish will break the tie and if necessary, the third largest fish.


See “ELIGIBLE TOURNAMENTS” under the specific Zone/s you are fishing.
ZONE 1  | ZONE 2 | ZONE 3 | Zone 4


A total of $20,000 per zone will be paid out to 7 places.
1st Place – $10,000
2nd Place – $5000
3rd Place – $2500
4th Place – $1500
5th Place – $500
6th Place – $300
7th Place – $200


The winner of each zone may be subjected to an extensive polygraph test at the conclusion of the contest. Failure to submit to a polygraph will result in disqualification. All decisions of the polygraph examiner are final.

If the winner is found guilty of cheating he/she will automatically be disqualified from entered any future Angler Armory Tournament and/or contest and will receive no refund of their Angler Armory Membership fees.

A W9 will be issued to winner of the contest (check will be made out to Captain listed on registration form unless otherwise notated)

A check will be written to the winner at the conclusion of the contest after the W9 is received along with a team picture with banner check (if applicable)