Team must be Angler Armory Members at time of registration


This FREE ENTRY Single Engine Contest will pay out as follows:

1st Place: $5000

2nd Place: $3000

3rd Place: $2000



*Do you have to register for the World Championship Tournament in order to register for the Single Engine Tournament?  No. Teams can just fish the Single Engine Tournament

*If I enter the World Championship Tournament is my team also eligible for the Single Engine Tournament? Yes. If you are registered for the World Championship and you fish a single engine boat then your team is automatically entered into the Single Engine Tournament.

*As a single engine team, if I am entered into the World Championship can I win the Championship payouts along with the Single Engine payouts? Yes, as long as you are registered for the World Championship your team can win in both tournaments.

*Does my World Championship fish also count in the single engine tournament? Yes. One fish will count towards both tournaments.