COINS FOR KIDS is open to kids 15 and younger that are Angler Armory Members. Kids Membership is free! 

CLICK HERE for the Daily Challenge

Teaching our children the value of saving money now is something that will stay with them throughout their lives.
Our friends at Coastal Wealth want to help to kick start your child’s savings with the COINS FOR KIDS CONTEST!

How does COINS FOR KIDS work? 

STEP 1: Sign up for FREE Angler Armory Kids Membership

STEP 2: Each day Angler Armory will post a daily coin challenge. It will be the kids responsibility to keep track of each day’s post.
Example 1:
DAY 1 – Add 1 quarter to your savings
DAY 2 – Add 3 quarters to your savings
DAY 3 – Free Day! Add no money to your savings
DAY 4 – Add 2 quarters to your savings

STEP 3: Contest will run from July 13, 2018 to August 10, 2018. On August 10th kids will be required to email us how much their savings total is. (They must have followed each Daily Challenge in order to get the correct total). Contest Email is

STEP 4: Everyone who has emailed in the correct answer will be entered into a drawing. Winner will be announced on Saturday, August 11th. (Drawing will take place LIVE on Angler Armory Facebook page)

Winner of COINS FOR KIDS will receive a
$200 Amazon Gift Card
courtesy of sponsor Coastal Wealth