High Roller – $1000
50/30/20 split
(Single biggest fish)

Big Fish Calcutta – $500
50/30/20 split
(Single biggest fish)

Closest to 20.23lbs – $250
Winner Takes All
**A second fish can be weighed in for this calcutta. Can be over or under 20.22lbs

2 Fish Aggregate – $200
50/30/20 split

Record Kingfish Calcutta – $250
Winner Takes All
Current Record Fish: 51.44lbs – Team Lagerhead
If team beats Record Fish they win. If no one beats Record Fish, Team Lagerhead will receive 20% of the calcutta money provided they reentered Calcutta for that year. The remainder will be rolled over to 2024. If Team Lagerhead does not get entered into calcutta, the money will be rolled over into the next year
**Please note If two teams weigh in a fish heavier than 51.44lbs, only the team with the heaviest fish wins.

Calcuttas can be paid for up until the Captain’s Party
**Sales tax will be added to all Calcutta payments. If paying by credit card an additional 3.5% processing fee will apply



1st Place Mercury powered team will win their fishes weight times 100.
Free entry for all Mercury powered teams


Top placing team that fishes in a Yellowfin Boat will win a free tournament entry & free entry into all the calcuttas for our 2023 World Championship.