Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What are the different zones included in the contest?  Zone 1 – North Carolina/South Carolina  Zone 2 – South Carolina/Georgia  Zone 3 – East Coast Florida  Zone 4 – West Coast Florida

2) Will each zone have individual payouts?  Yes, each zone will have a total of $20,000 in payouts. It will payout 7 places including a $10,000 First Place Prize.

3) Do teams have to fish every tournament in their zone? No, Teams can fish as little or as many tournaments in their zone as they wish

4) Can teams fish more than one zone? Yes, teams can fish as many zones as they wish. They just need to indicate on their registration form which zones they are fishing

5) Can teams add a zone after they completed the registration form? Yes. They just need to fill out a new form adding the additional zone

6) Which determines the winning teams? The best 2 fish aggregate per zone

7) How many places does the contest pay out? We pay out 7 places per zone

8) What is the entry fee to register for Fish What You Wish? Entry is free for Angler Armory Members

9) Do I have to be an Angler Armory Member to register for Fish What You Wish? Yes. This contest is open to members only.

10) Does every person on my boat need to be an Angler Armory Member? Yes

11) Can I add team members at a later day? Yes. They will need to become Angler Armory Members. Email us at anglerarmory@gmail.com to let us know of the team member addition

12) How do I register for Fish What You Wish Contest? Fill out the Fish What You Wish registration form

13) How does Angler Armory verify that every team member is also an Angler Armory Member? A lie detector test will be administered to the winners of each zone to verify that the Fish What You Wish rules were followed

14) How does Angler Armory keep track of the standings? It is each teams responsibility to text or email a picture of their weigh slip from each tournament they fish no later than 5 days after the event. If team does not send in a picture of their weigh slip, their fish will not be included in their Fish What You Wish standings. A picture of the team at the scale with their fish will not be accepted – no exceptions